Avery Blank

Avery Blank

Impact Strategist

Advocating and leveraging opportunities for great people and companies

Avery Blank strategizes with clients worldwide to help them achieve their business, career, and policy goals. Avery helps you and your organization to grow your business, develop your career, and leave a lasting impact on society. She brings extensive experience and professionalism to every engagement and customizes her support to your individual needs and concerns. Avery is on the pulse of trends and current events to inform her approach and give you exceptional advice that will change the trajectory of your company and career.

How does Avery make this happen? A lawyer by trade, her job as an advocate is to help others make an impact. Through her consulting, writing, and speaking, Avery has made it her mission to ensure that great people and organizations are seen and heard. She listens intently to understand your value and goals. Avery then combines that understanding with her experience and ability to uncover and realize hidden opportunities for you.

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Avery Blank


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Areas of Practice

business strategy

The business marketplace requires strategy advice from professionals who have a pulse on market trends across industries and the world. I help businesses to grow by strategically positioning them to leverage opportunities, become market leaders and influencers, and scale to new heights. I advise on diversity strategy, innovate on products and services, and help start-ups and entrepreneurs pitch themselves and their organizations.

Leadership & career STRATEGY

Career advancement doesn't happen on its own. It can be challenging to know how to get from point A to point B or know what the next step is. I help professionals to be better self-advocates. I understand your holistic value and goals and combine that with my expertise to uncover and realize hidden opportunities for you. This becomes the strategy that gets you to the next level in your career and increases your impact, exposure, and influence.

policy strategy

Policy and politics are complex systems to navigate. Having worked on a range of issues at all levels of government, I help organizations with research, legislative testimony, advocacy, and a strategic approach to making an impact on society.


Risk is losing the opportunity, not failing in the attempt.
— The Self-Made Billionaire Effect: how extreme producers create massive value


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